Power from the Sherpa 100AC while off

Falken Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

I am planning of using my Sherpa mounted in a case that also have shore power capabilities. I was wondering if there is a way for the Sherpa to provide power through one of the USB-C connections when the other USB-C connection is connected to shore power?

My usecase is that I have a laptop in the case that will be using one of the USB-c ports on the sherpa to grap power from. The sherpa is connected via USB-C to a 230V transformer also built into the case. What I would like is that when the case is connected to a 230V power outlet the Sherpa will charge AND provide power through the second USB-C without me having to turn it on using the powerbutton. When disconnected from 230V I will of course want to start the Sherpa before it provides power. Is this usecase possible shoehow? If not possible using the USB-C port for charging, would it be possible if I buy the GoalZero charger and use the chargerport on the front of the device?