How does the Yeti Pro 4000 support 240v and solar input?

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I have seen a few mentions of 240v support for the new Yeti Pro 4000 via the Haven chaining option? I need a 240v solution for a water pump, so is there detail somewhere on exactly how to set this up? I have more Yetis than I can even count, but I am very interested in the Yeti Pro home backup solution now if it can support 240v? Even for one circuit?

Also, previously my Yetis were limited to 600w maximum solar input, but it sounds like the new Yeti Pro 4000 supports a much higher solar input? Is there a comparison somewhere on the site or community to help me understand this difference?

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    @Dagwood the 240v will require 2x Yeti Pro 4000 and a not yet launched Power+ Series Combiner. It will get the 2x Yetis to negotiate running their inverters in sync to stack their 120v AC waves to produce the same kind of 240v split phase AC that people get from the grid to their homes in the USA. The Power+ Series Combiner will only work with the Yeti Pro 4000. It is not compatible with any other Yeti model.

    For solar options into the Yeti 4000, check this blog post.

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    Where can I get a cable that allows me to fast charge my Yeti Pro 4000 by plugging it into a 240VAC outlet? The manual says it can charge at 3000W (240VAC/13A) through the Power+ connector.

    I don't need the Yeti integrated into my home, I am just looking for a faster recharge option.

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    The GZ website doesn’t seem to market the 3600W Passthrough cable (8 ft Flying Leads to Power+ Male Cable, SKU: 98760) for automatic power switching anymore. I got this cable to work with the Haven 10 home backup, and an electrician had to provide and install a suitable plug. The cable plugged into the Power+ port on my Yeti PRO 4000.

    GZ seems to have the cable (same??) listed as Flying Leads to Power+ Cable: