Sherpa life span ? is slow charging a signal of death of the Sherpa ?

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I have a Sherpa 100 PD I purchased in March 2021, and it recently seemed unable to charge a Samsung smart phone, took a looooong time. The Sherpa ws about 70% charged, was plugged into the smartphone and was barely delivering any power.

The message on the phone says: "Slow charging. Make sure the charger is supported and not damaged."  I've used the Sherpa on the same phone for 2 or so years without getting that message and much better performance - much faster charging on the same phone in the past.

I looked on the website for a FAQ or troubleshooting section and saw none.

Can the Sherpa be reset, some other fix or at 3 years old, is it nearing the end of it's useful life ? Any other thoughts or ideas ? 



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    Hi @Jim_Cossitt,

    Do you own the Sherpa 100PD (4G) or Sherpa 100PD(Previous Gen)?

  • Jim_Cossitt
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    I think it is the older version, bought 3 years ago from REI and this is the current description on the REI site:

    "Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD Power BankItem #155547

    This product is not available. Good news: we have a newer version"

    I've been in touch with GZ customer service, they issued an RMA and are going to give me an "open box" replacement, whatever that is. Thanks for getting back to me.