How to Wire a Cargo Trailer Conversion to Integrate with Yeti 1500x/PRO 4000


I have a cargo trailer that I am converting into a toy hauler and am thinking of going with the Yeti 1500x (for now and may upgrade to the PRO 4000 later) as the power solution as it is seemingly more versatile than separate batteries/inverter/etc as I can pull the until and use as home backup generator. My questions: How to wire everything to integrate with the Yeti? I am wanting to integrate solar, vehicle (through 7pin), and shore power as charging solutions. Can I run outlets? Does anyone have a wiring diagram?

Some items I am wanting to run: 12v interior and exterior lights; 12v ceiling fan; air conditioner and heater (most likely roof mounted RV style); potentially refrigerator; microwave.


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    Hi @ElkExplorer,

    If you are using 12V devices, we suggest using a 12V fuse box. This will make it easier to connect everything to one spot.

    As for the actual wiring, we suggest going to a professional to ensure that everything is wired properly.