Sherpa 100 AC: solar charge and USB C

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When pluggin in my Nomad 50 into my new Sherpa 100 AC (8mm plug) then the upper USB-C port turns blue and doesn't load - even if I switch it to «output». As soon as I un-plug the 8mm cable, the USB-C port charges again. Can I reset the ports or is this an error?


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    I would try doing a reset on the Sherpa. If you hold the USB button for about 15 seconds it should reset. Make sure the Nomad 50 is in direct sunlight. If solar conditions are good you should see input wattage from the panel. Hope this works!

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    Hello, I'm having the same problem. I'm using the 100 W USB C port and it works.

    I did reset the Sherpa but problem persist.

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    I‘m still having this issue - I did the reset also, but the problem persists. Is this a software problem and does it apply for warranty? @GOAL ZERO ADMIN ?

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    Hi @Superrafi,

    If you are inputting through the 8mm port, the USB-C port that turn blue will not work or output or input. The 8mm port and that USB-C port use the same connection on the circuit board. This means you can't use that USB-C port while charging through the 8mm. The unit is working as intended and there is no error or issue.

    The 100W USB-C port will still work as it is on its own connection on the circuit board.