Yeti 1000X or 700?

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I have an older Yeti 400 AGM which has served me well for years, replaced the battery and to this day, it's still going strong. I would like to upgrade and have narrowed my choices down to either the Yeti 1000X or the new Yeti 700. Now I understand the differences between the two, different battery chemistries, different life cycles - 1000x (500+) vs 700 (4000+), and of course power output. Also, per GZ, battery replacement can be done on both units, but must be sent back to GZ. Cost to replace the 1000X battery: $550, the rep didn't have a cost to replace the battery on the 700.

I mainly use the power station for car camping, and powering small devices, appliances and the Yeti Skylight. Either one will be recharged with a Boulder 100 BC.

I'd like to have enough power for future expansion, but not so much that the power station is overly cumbersome to transport. I'm also concerned about the battery life cycles.

So, which model do you think would better serve me?


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    Hi @PPD417,

    The Yeti 1000X can be expanded on with the Yeti link and Yeti tanks. You can install up to 4 tanks to it and it will give you about 5.8kWh. The 1000X will not last as long as the Yeti 700.

    The Yeti 700 can't be expanded on but it will last an average of 10+ years. It will really depend on what is more important. How long it will last vs being able to add more power later on.

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    In the end, I decided on the 700. Right now, I’m more concerned with longevity than expansion.