Nomad 20 low power outputs

Bastien28 Member Posts: 2 ✭✭

Hello I have had the Nomad 20 for almost 2 years and it hardly produces any power anymore.

I plug it in to charge my yeti 200x via the 8mm port or to charge the Sherpa 100ac via 8mm port.

In direct sunlight, the panel barely gives 4 W. I also measured the USB output power and it comes out to just 1 amp.

I also have a Boulder 50 which gives 39 W to the Sherpa 100 PD in direct sunlight.

I tested the Nomad 20 cable by plugging the Boulder into the Nomad and the Nomad into the Sherpa and the power is 37 W

This is the second Nomad I have owned with the same problem, the first was replaced by the seller under warranty.

MM My problem seems to come from the solar sensor...

Has anyone experienced something similar?