Yeti 500X Losing Power

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I just pulled my Yeti 500X out of the garage and it had less than 10% charge. It was at nearly 100% the last time I checked, which wasn’t more than 2 or 3 months ago. Is that normal?


  • PPD417
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    I’m having a similar problem with my new Yeti 700. If after charging to 100%, I unplug it, and with nothing plugged into it the unit will slowly start to drain. I recycled the battery twice and reset the unit, still didn’t fix the problem. GZ had no idea why this is happening. Returning / exchanging it this week.

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    Hi @CraigB,

    Are you able to charge the unit to 100% and tell us what the voltage on the battery is? You can check the voltage by pressing the units button. This will change the output measurement. Keep pushing the units button until you see it change to voltage.

  • CraigB
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    Hi, It is at 100% now and showing 12.3 volts.

  • Zion_Curtain
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    My 500x is at 100% and I also see 12.3v. Maybe test how long it will power an appliance? If you can find something that draws 100 watts continuously the 500x should last about 5 hours. A lamp might be a good appliance to test with.

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    My 500x WoNt ChArGe AnYmOre

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