Yeti 700 Error Message

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Just got my replacement Yeti 700 today, my previous unit had a serious charging issue and was deemed defective. When I received my new 700, it had approximately 80% charge, so I plugged it in to a standard 110V outlet. While it was charging, I paired the new unit to the GZ app. A short time later, I got the following error message on my phone from the app:

“Input limit exceeded. AC output has exceeded the set input limit. Battery is now discharging”

What does this mean??


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    Hi @PPD417,

    This means that the AC is outputting more than the power cord is inputting. When this happens, the direct pass through shuts off and no longer uses the power from the grid. Instead it uses the power in the battery to power the AC inverter. This is normal when the output number is greater than the input number.

  • PPD417
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    That’s strange. I had nothing plugged in to any of the outlets. In fact, all outlets were off.