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I just purchased a Yeti Pro 4000 and was surprised that I was not able to connect it to Home Assistant like I can with Yeti 3000X.

It would seem that the API on the Pro 4000 is different than the 3000X, or it has been removed altogether. I can only reach a root page that states "Goal Zero Yeti 6G."

If the Pro 4000 has an API, can that information be shared? If it doesn't, are there plans to incorporate one via firmware updates?

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  • Hackerman™
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    Hi @pexzor 👋. I'm thrilled to hear that there's healthy interest in a cohesive smart home environment! We haven't opened up our local APIs on the latest generation Yetis yet. It's great to see that there's already interest this early in the life of this product. I've logged this as an enhancement to consider in our backlogs and we'll consider opening the APIs up in future firmware updates. Feel free to keep checking in here and to the latest firmware updates and we'll do our best to keep you informed!