Yeti 3000X (120V), according to app. 230V according to unit and box

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Hi all,

Am I the only one who has a Yeti 3000X, purchased in Europe, which is identified as 'Yeti 3000X (120V) in the app?

The unit mentions 230V under the lid and on the box. It also has a Schuko-port

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  • Evert
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    So this has been an issue for > 2 years now? And it hasn't been resolved yet despite one/more firmware updates during that time? Hmm… 🧐

  • jg164
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    I was disappointed and confused by this limitation when I discovered it too. I learned that if the Inverter is not turned on, the main control board can't tell if it is connected to a 120V US Inverter or a 230V inverter. Unfortunately, this issue is not something that will be fixable in firmware because the firmware program memory is always full, every update where the devs add something means they have to remove sections of code to fit it in so security updates and safety enhancements will always take precedence.

    Thank you for taking the time to report your sentiments about this issue. If anyone else has the same issue, please comment or use the Like button.

    I help with App testing and know this is not an issue on newer 230V LFP Yetis in development.