Yeti PRO 4000 Charging Recommendations

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If I am using a Yeti PRO 4000 as a portable power station, what is the recommended charging profile. For our intended use, we are charging it from a wall plug, then taking it in the field and discharging to 25-50%. We do this approximately 6-8 times per year. Is it best to charge to 100% capacity, discharge in the field to 25-50%, then recharge to 100%? Would it be better to charge to a lower capacity (90-95%)? Once the Yeti PRO 4000 is charged it is disconnected from power until the next time it is deployed.

Our goal is for maintain the battery for the most reliable use, then prolong the life span as much as possible.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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    If you want to maximize battery health, there are many factors. Discuss which of these changes work best with your needs and how far to take them with you team.

    1. Depth of Discharge/Recharge. Charging to full every now and then is fine but regularly charging from 80 -100% will have some effect on battery health. Using the Battery Saver Charge Profile will restrict the capacity range to reduce that impact. There are other charge profiles including a Custom Profile where you can adjust the limits in the App. (Note: Charge profiles settings are the same for all Yeti-X and Newer Power Stations):

    • 15% Minimum Discharge Point
    • 80% Recharge Point
    • 85% Maximum Charge Point.

    2. Charge/Discharge rates. Regularly charging at the max input power and running outputs at max power will reduce battery life. Using the AC Low(300W) charging and avoiding using full power on the outputs will also help.

    3. Temperature. Avoid High or Low temperatures especially when charging. If you have the time, wait to charge the Yeti after the cells have acclimated to 25C(77F) for a few hours. (You can see Battery temperature from the App or LCD menu)

    4. Storage. If you have charged the Yeti to 100% and then turn off the power button and remove all cords, the battery should hold a charge for 12-14 months. It is recommended to check on the Yeti at least once every 3-4 months by powering it on and testing operation and charging it up again as needed. The power switch on the Yeti turns off the battery, Wi-Fi and all outputs to maximize power retention.

    If you want to leave the Yeti plugged in all the time, place it in a 25C(77F) room away from direct sunlight and use the Battery Saver or a Custom profile and a low power charging source of about 300W or less and still check on it every 3-4 months minimum.