Yeti 1500x In and output on same circuit

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I have the following setup in my caravan:

Solarpanel - > solar Controller charger - > 12v agm battery.

This System should be usable without the powerbank so that I can take it out on å Trip without sacrificing any functions.

If the Sun is shining the charger charge with about 15v and during the night the voltage drops to what ever The agm battery Level is.

Can I some how connect the powerbank so that it also charges during the day and discharges at night?

So e. G. I connect the 12v from the caravan to both in and output of the Yeti? During Charging the voltage is at 15v and the Yeti charges, during night it Drops and the Yeti discharges.

Sorry if this is a dum question but I could not find anything about this yet and I have only Basic knowledge.

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    I would not chain the solar charger and the 1500X because the 1500X has its own Maximum power point charge controller or MPPT. If the Solar panel voltages (Voc and Vmp ) are within the 14-50V of the HPP input, just connect the solar panels directly to the Yeti. This will not charge the AGM though. The Link only allows power into the Yeti, not out.

    If you want to charge the AGM and the Yeti, connect the solar to the Victron MPPT in the setup I linked above.

    I would not connect the 12V HPP output of the Yeti to the AGM. The AGM will over current the port or back feed and fry it.


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    The only 12V input the 1500X will take is through the Link EC8 port with power coming from a vehicle alternator in Car Mode or from a 12V battery in Tank mode.

    The 1500X won't accept 12V into the HPP input or 8mm input because its looking for 14V min up to 50V max.

    You can connect a 12V AGM to the Link, and the Link to the Yeti.

    If your solar charge controller is attached to the AGM, it will charge the AGM and the AGM will charge the Yeti through the link.

    If your Caravan 12V needs are less than 30A, you can then power them with the 12V HPP output ports (30A total for all 12V out of the Yeti).

    If you need more than 30A total, you will need to get a low voltage disconnect and power some of them from the AGM.

    Here is a link to a comment I made that shows a similar setup with a drawing.

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    Hi @jg164

    Thanks for the detailed answer!

    You write that the Yeti is looking for 14v min to charge and in my case the solar charger is giving 15v during sunshine. Will this be enough for the yeti to start Charging? And at the same time will the yeti stop providing on the 12v outlet because there are already 15v on it?

    For the output 12v 30a is enough and since the agm battery is in parallel i think it should Provide Even more if need be.