Yeti 6000x solar input - actual values ?

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Hi all,

Just a quick question to the community to see how much solar input are you guys actually able to get from a 6000x ?

After the conversation with the GoalZero staff, we concluded that it was ok to connect about 700W worth of solar panel into the input of the Yeti. Extra solar input power will dissipate in form of heat and not damage the Yeti input.

I have this setup currently and with the calculation (series vs parallel wiring and panel configuration) I have a solar array that technically can generate 665W in peak conditions.

However I am never seeing the input into the GoalZero go about 581.9W in input ?

Have any of you been able to max out the theoretical 600W max input on the goal zero ? What are your real world values ?



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    The max input to the HPP port is 600W or 25A, which ever is met first. If you are using the HPP input, the 8mm ports are not utilized

    If you want more power, you will need to get the Link module, at least one tank and connect the 30A Victron and then add up to 400W additional watts of solar. Look at my other posts and comments for examples with pictures.

    FYI, extra solar watts are not dissipated as heat, the yeti self regulates the current up to its max.

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    Didn't know about the 25A limit.

    But when making the theoretical calculation on my panels the ideal output should be:

    • 31.2V
    • 21.32A

    For an output of ~665W, so I should be below the 25A limit, shouldn't be a limiting factor no ?

    Why can't I get the "full" 600W I find it weird that I am stuck at 580A, I noticed a peak at 584A, but most of the time it stays at ~580A.

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    The 25A limit is for protecting the Yeti circuits. Lets say your setup has 4x Nomad 400 solar panels connected in parallel. The Maximum Power Point tracking voltage for those is 20.66V even though while not connected they will read and Open Circuit voltage of about 23.84V in ideal conditions. Since the 4x panels are in parallel, we multiply the current by 19.38A * 4 = 77.52A so the total potential power of the 4X nomads is 77.52A * 20.66V = 1601.56W. With the Yeti 25A cap that becomes 20.66*25 = 516W.

    Same goes for all other 4 panel sets(B200,R300) so the limiting factor is then the Vmp of the panels and the added losses from cable lengths, panel temperature, sky haze, heat losses in converting the Solar input to Battery voltage etc.

    To get the full input power you would really need a bunch of parallel solar panels that have a Vmp of 24V(or a little higher to account for voltage drops etc). 24V * 25A = 600W.