What plug goes in where when chaining two Boulder 50s

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Hey all I'm completely new to Goal Zero and this chaining concept. I've looked at countless pages and cannot get an answer. I have two Boulder 50 solar panels and I do not understand how to "chain" them together. The solar panels have a (+)male plug and a (-) female plug in the back but what goes where when I'm chaining them? I know I need the 4 x 8mm to HPP connector and I know where that plugs into my Yeti 1000x but how do you do this chaining thing?


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    Hi @JDang,

    You do not need the combiner cable with two Boulder 50 panels. These can be chained in parallel by connecting one of the male connections from one panel to the female connection of the other panel. This will leave you with one male connection to connect to the Yeti power station you are using. This will essentially make a 100W panel.