New 300X Questions

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Hi There,

I bought a Yeti 300X today. We plugged it in, it charged to 100%, and in the past 5 hours has dropped to 96% (left plugged in…with no ports on). I was under the impression that it should stay at 100% or at least start charging again below 95%. Nothing in the instructions says whether the unit should be powered on or left off when charging. I had it on and just turned it off to see what happens (still plugged in).

Update: unplugged it for a minute and when I plugged in back in, it started charging. So…new question...should I expect to see that happening again or is that a fairly normal occurrence? Question remains...return and replace or not? Thanks so much in advance!


  • Zion_Curtain
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    I found this FAQ from the user guide. The Yeti should do a little self discharge even with the power supply plugged in. With that said, I would expect to see that after a week or so. Maybe try giving the battery a few cycles?