Yeti 300/500/700 Display auto off while in use?

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I've seen a review and the display of the Yeti switches automatically off during usage after some seconds. Only the port lights are stayed on.

Is it possible to stay the display on during discharge/charge?

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  • jg164
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    It sounds like you may have blackout mode enabled which turns off the display in a few seconds. You can disable it by holding the light button for three seconds to toggle it back off. (@Hunter_GZ looks like blackout mode is not documented in the user guide and there is not a link to the user guide on the product page, only the user guide list. Please fix)

    If it is not in blackout mode, the display should timeout after ten minutes if no inputs or outputs are active. If a port is active or the Yeti has input, the display should stay on.

    Let me know if that helps.