With the Yeti Pro 4000 + Tank, the SOC on the 4000 display

smgemelos Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

With the Yeti Pro 4000 + Tank, the SOC on the 4000 display only shows the SOC of the 4000, not 4000+Tank — I would expect the readout to show the combined SOC.

I am currently in a position where the SOC of the 4000 is 100% and the tank is 50% - and the SOC displayed on the Yeti is 100% - I would have expected it to say 75%.


  • Jay_Water_for_Good
    Jay_Water_for_Good Member Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I've had this same issue, and spent lots of time with technical support on it. It's FOR SURE something they should fix with a firmware update, as there's no reason it shouldn't be displaying the SOC of the full system.

    However, they had me do 6-7 full charge/discharge cycles on the Yeti, then 3 cycles with the Yeti and Tank combined, and they are now operating much closer to synchronized - usually only off by 1-2%, except at the very bottom end (the last 20% they start to get off by a bit more, but still not a huge amount in terms of Ah remaining).

    So the issue isn't as much of a problem for me anymore, even though it isn't solved, and is somewhat ridiculous that this problem even exists.