Sherpa 50 shows battery failure after replacing all batteries

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This question that I have might be a little out-of-fashion. I did search inn the community forum history but could not find any relevant answer. So I posting it here just as my last resort before I get rid it.

I have a Sherpa 50 that I purchased from Verizon 2012 (or around that time). Haven't used it for a long time and recently when I power it up, it shows power failure - regardless if it is plugged in for charging or not. I know GoalZero does service it anymore. There was a recall around 2014, but I am pretty sure it is out of the date limit.

I searched on the web and found there is one guy posting a video on YouTube of a step-by-step replacement of the batteries inside. Since am a hardware/firmware/software engineer, so I purchased exactly same batteries he used and replaced those dead in mine. When I power it up, the device was showing a charge level (20%, they are all fully charged) for about 10 minutes, then the power failure sign popped up again. There is another guy on the internet suggest to take off the fuse and let it sit outside for 10 min so the memory in the RAM are cleared. I did that. But the result has not change at ll.

When I measure the batteries, I cat get all the correct voltages at different contact points.

I used to work in an OEM which supplied Dell's laptop battery charger and I know there is memory in the firmware that expect some reading from the batteries. It will not work if it can't read those data or they don't match with the memory.

But I just could not figure out how to clear the memory, or, reset it, or simply bypass it.

Does anyone have any suggestion (other than tossing it away) what I can do to wake it up?

Thanks for any tips.