Custom Charge profiles not working - Yeti Pro 4000

PDX_Jay Member Posts: 6 ✭✭

I have been trying to use custom charge profiles on the Yeti Pro 4000, but it seems to keep ignoring them. For example, I set it to max charge 95%, min charge 15%, and start charging when it hits 90%. But the Yeti will run itself down to 0% sometimes (and then get stuck, and wont charge back up until I do a full reset). Or it will charge all the way up to 100%. Or it will ignore the recharge setting, and just keep running down the battery, even though solar panels are plugged in, and it should be charging back up - for instance, the other day it was down to 67%, even though it should have started charging at 90%. This doesn't happen every time, but maybe about 50% of the cycles it happens, so very frequently. The display on the Yeti shows that I have a custom charge profile enabled, and it's definitely still set in the app. As soon as switch back to one of the 3 default profiles, everything resumes functioning as normal.

Anyone else having the problem, or found a way to get them working properly? I've had this issue with two separate Yeti PRO 4000 units, so does not seem to be a problem with one specific unit.