Heads up for potential buyer - odd functionality of the Escape display

PDX_Jay Member Posts: 6 ✭✭

Though others would be interested to know a few oddities I've discovered after using the Escape display for a bit:

1. The % of power remaining displayed on the Escape will ONLY show the state of charge (SOC) of the Yeti…not any tanks connected. As long as they are pretty closely synchronized, this isn't a big deal…but sometimes they are off from each other. For example, if your Yeti is at 90%, and your tank is at 60%, the Escape display (and the Yeti display) will show that you ahve 90% remaining…even though it's really only 75%. This is confusing because other numbers on the Escape are full the full system…which leads to point number 2…

2. The kWh (or aH, if you have your display showing aH) on the Escape display is a static number. It will ALWAYS show the maximum capacity of your system. For instance, if you have the Yeti PRO 4000 with a single tank, this number will ALWAYS show 8kWh - even if you've drained it down to 25% remaining, it will show 8kWh on the display. It's a very odd choice to have this displayed on the Escape display, as the only time this will change is if you plug/unplug a tank..which for the typical van/camper user happens exactly never after their initial setup. Much more useful would be for this number to actually display the kWh (or aH) remaining in the system.

Because of the two oddities listed here, there is nowhere on the main Yeti display, nor the Escape display, were you can see what % remaining you have for your entire system, nor how many kWh or aH you have remaining. You have to open the app, dig into the battery details on both the Yeti and the Tank, and add them together. This really should be something that is visible at a glance…and yet it's not. After 3 firmware updates, none of this has been fixed, so thought it's worth mentioning to others.