uPd under output?

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When using my 3000x I sometimes see a flashing "uPd" code on the screen under the output section. There isn't any description of what this means in the manual. Is it simply "updating" for the output measurement or something else?


  • Zion_Curtain
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    Hi @ktmZA

    The "uPd" message does mean "updating". I believe it should really only flash when updating the firmware on the Yeti. I would try reseting the Yeti and checking the Yeti's firmware in the app.

    Hold down "units" and "info" at the same time for about 7-10 seconds. Once you hear the Yeti beep you can let go. Let the Yeti sit for about 2 minutes after performing that reset. The next reset is holding the button with the green circle under the lid for about 5-7 seconds. That button is located under the Wifi button. Those two resets will reset the password in the app to the default password which is "GOALZERO".

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    Thanks for the guidance! I did a reset and configured the yeti to connect to my home wifi. It then initiated a firmware update for my Yeti Link which I just installed. It went through the update to the latest version of the Link firmware and now its back to normal with the uPd message no longer flashing.

    One really useful thing I got from the firmware updates was this link: https://github.com/GoalZero26503/yeti-wifi-public/wiki theres a bunch of useful info that I was searching for on the main site thats listed under their github.

    Leaving this here as a reference for anyone else that struggled to find this info: https://github.com/GoalZero26503/yeti-wifi-public/wiki/Yeti-App-Firmware-Updates

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    Thank you ktmza for asking this question. I am having the same issue of upd flashing. I have followed the steps and the system says my firmware is up to date. However upd is still flashing.

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    I just installed 4 expansion tanks on my yeti 1500. And now upd is flashing. I don't have Internet in range of the power station, and It seems to be working just fine.

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    Hi @Thisguy882,

    This is more than likely due to the Yeti link requiring an update. If you are not connected to the app, it will flash the UPD to let you know that Yeti link requires an update.