Is there an adaptor to connect a Yeti 6000 to an existing transfer switch?

russkendall Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

My house has a standard 6-circuit transfer switch already wired into our breaker box. I usually plug in my Honda 3000 generator when we lose power, which happens several times a year for 2 - 5 days. I believe it connects to the generator with a 20-amp, standard 4-pin plug. See picture.

Is there an adapter that I can use to plug a Yeti 6000 into my existing transfer switch? I am not going to remove it and wire in a Yeti switch. However, if I can somehow plug in a Yeti, I will buy a 3.5 Day+ kit immediately.

Here's my next question: we have to electric cars and I wonder if we can charge to cars from the Yeti system?

Here's my last question: we have 30 solar panels on our roof. How can I charge a Yeti from them?

Thanks in Advance,