100 boulder briefcase with boulder 100

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Hi, can I connect my Boulder 100 briefcase to a Boulder 100? (using the Anderson combiner). I have a Yeti 1000.


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  • SchoMan93
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    Look at getting yourself a 4x8mm combiner to high power connector. You should be able to take that stright into the high-power port input on your Yeti 1000, or if you need get the high-power port extension cable (either the 15 or 30ft). If it is the older Yeti 1000 it has a max of 300W input, and if it is the new Yeti 1000X you can go up to 600W input. I have both Boulder 100 and Boulder Brief case 100 and I use the 4x8mm combiner to high power port and then the 30ft. high power extension cable on my systems.

  • paf
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    Thanks. It’s the Yeti 1000x.


  • ctc91711
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    @SchoMan93 - just to clarify, sounds like you are joining your panels with combiner where the panels are located and then running a single HPP extension cable to your Yeti - is that the case? That was my plan as well, but I'm getting contradicting information that I must run each panel to my Yeti, individually, and then join them with the 4-way right at the point I plug into my Yeti 1500X. My Yeti is in the basement and panels will be on the roof, so that's a lot of long-haul cable if I have to run for each panel I add to my system! Thanks in advance for your input!