Yeti 1500X - Display Won't Stay Off

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I'm having a bit of an annoying issue with my 1500X - when I turn the display off, it never stays turned off. I think it's an issue with the solar power being intermittent - essentially whenever it sees solar input it turns the display on. Since my camper (where the Yeti lives) is often in partial shade, this means it's turning on all the time. Is there any way to keep the display from turning on automatically?


  • Zion_Curtain
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    Try connecting to the app and make sure you are on the latest firmware. If it shows you need a firmware update try updating the firmware. Then try to recreate the problem after the latest firmware has been installed.

  • SkyG
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    It's definitely on the latest version of the firmware - was happening before and after update.

  • RobertG
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    My 1000x and 500 do this all the time. It's annoying but the LCD doesn't seem to draw significant current. It turns on at the slightest excuse, even when charging from AC, or when not charging. I think whenever it feels it has something to report -- change in current being drawn, whatever.

    If the unit happens to be somewhere your'e trying to sleep at night or even just trying to read, the blinking blue light during charging is annoying too. I use a strategically placed chair with a t-shirt on it between the unit and my line of sight, lol.

    Engineers don't as a rule spend much time thinking about possible use cases and don't always provide the configurability you'd want. I have a perfectly usable CPAP machine that sits idle as a backup simply because it insists on loudly beeping when turned off or on, so it's guaranteed to wake my wife if I have to get out of be to go to the bathroom or whatever. I grilled a half dozen vendors about other models until I found one that either doesn't beep or where the beep can be turned off.

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    I have 1500X as my backup power for my CPAP incase Edison cuts the power during wind storms. I was thinking about getting a 3000X for my Van conversion, but seeing the LCD constantly on and the bright blue blinking light when charging is uber annoying. There is no way to keep the LCD or blue light from activating. It's' super annoying at night and eventually the LCD will burn out. I turned off all notifications in the app, but that made no difference. Because of this issue I may not go with GoalZero in this current build. A note to GZ engineers: In a pitch black environment, just one LED shows up like a beacon signal, add the LCD and now you have a lighthouse.

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    I remember when I first got my 1500X, and was charging it for the first time while trying to get some zzz's. That blue light was indeed super annoying. And the LCD always coming on is too. I'm always turning it off. All that said, those lights and LCDs will have a very long life, and duct tape does exist, hah! But yeah, sometimes you just want to enjoy the night.

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    I am a huge proponent of total black out for all electronics LEDs and screens. It's not ideal but I personally have put opaque tape over LEDs on my PC and chargers. For things that have a screen I have made opaque flaps I can lift to access when needed.

    With this frustration in mind we added "Blackout mode" to the new Yeti PRO 4000. When you press and hold the Light button for 10 seconds all the displays and even the charging LEDs go into this new mode.

    The Devs said the firmware memory on the Yeti X and older models is full so new features like this won't be coming to them in the future.