Normal behavior of Boulder 200bc - experience

Juergen Member Posts: 3 ✭✭

I recently got myself a Yeti 3000X bundled with the Boulder 200 Briefcase, but we didn't have a fully sunny day since then to observe the Boulder's full performance. Since I'm new to solar and all, I'm wondering about what I could expect. So far I can observe the following:

  • With a cloudy sky (even bright diffuse light conditions) the Boulder does not charge at all (blue LED on but not blinking -> not enough power to charge)
  • Direct sunlight (only minor shading) brings about 60-65W (Germany, winter)
  • Charging begins with direct sunlight and continues when it's getting more cloudy (is there some ramp up / warm up / threshold to be exceeded to activate the charging?)
  • There is no charging below about 20W

Is it normal what I observe, or is there anything special to keep in mind?

Thanks for sharing your experience,



    GOAL ZERO ADMIN Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 433 admin

    Hi @Juergen,

    From your description, everything sounds to be working appropriately. It is expected for the solar panel to not produce enough power during cloudy conditions. During direct sunlight, between 50 - 75% efficiency is expected.