Yeti 500x and 400Li have much different output voltages. Why?

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My 500x and 400Li have much different output voltages when fully charged. The 500x indicates 13.44v and the 400Li 12.4v, when both measured using two identical dual USB/USB-C car chargers with LED display, rotated between power stations.

Am I correct in assuming that the output voltage indicates state of charge (SOC)? If so, the 500X's 13.44v indicates a normal 99% SOC and the 400Li's 12.4v should represent 14% SOC according to industry standard SOC tables for lithium batteries.

Is there an issue with the 400Li that can be resolved.


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    Hi @JBW,

    If you are measuring through the 12V output ports of both Yeti power station, you have to keep in mind that the Yeti 500X has regulated 12V ports while the 400 Li does not. Both batteries actually sit between 12.4 and 12.5V when at 100%. This will read different on the 500X if not using units button to change the output portion of the display to voltage.