Bad smell Yeti 150

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I have a yeti 150. It was beeping so I plugged it in overnight to charge. I woke up this s morning to a very odd chemical smell throughout the house that got stronger as I approached the yeti. 

The unit was quite warm on the top and sides and the block on the charger cord. 

I pressed a button and can see on the display that the battery is now fully charged. 

When plugged in, the smell was strong and permeated the entire house. Is this safe to use or has something gone wrong with the battery etc? 

please advise. Thank you


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    Hello @BKjeMa

    We are sorry to hear about your experience with the Yeti 150. We recommend keeping everything unplugged. It is also a good idea to do a battery disconnect. Unscrew the lid and disconnect the cables connect to the battery. Please email us with your proof of purchase and photos of the Yeti 150 and we will see if there are any warranty options available.

    Email: [email protected]

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    I too had the same experience- unit beeping plugged it in overnight woke up to a terrible smell.

    unplugged and smell disappated. Is this safe? Toxic battery?

    please advise

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    Hi @Earley14,

    It is not toxic. We suggest following the steps in our last post and contacting our solution center through the email provided above.

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    I too have literally just had the same experience; it started beeping this weekend and I also have the odor;

    It has not been plugged in; I had it stored in the Goal Zero case.

    I have my purchase information and will write to you now.

    Thank you,