Advice on setup

Emil Member Posts: 2 ✭✭

I just bought a yeti 6000x. I would like to set it up with solar panels and connect it thru an integration kit.

All i have now is the 6000x. I need advice on what to get. Im eyeing on reusing an old set of panels. I have 4 sharp panels at 140w each, 24.85v 7.85w, using mc3. I was thinking of doing a series-parallel to configure the 4 panels to get me to 560w, 50v 16A, which should be within the 600w, 14-50v, 50A specs on the yeti. I also plan on switching the mc3s with new mc4, then use a powerjoiner, from the powerjoining, connect it back to the yeti. All i know now are the 10 gauge solar cable, the mc4 connectors i need. Can someone help me link the joinier and anything else that i nee, including the homekit integration cables? Am i thinking of this correctly?