Can i connect more than 600w of panels to my yeti 6000x app port rated at 600w?

Emil Member Posts: 2 ✭✭

Id like ask if its ok to series parallel panels beyond the 600w on the yeti 6000x app port (rated 600w).

I plan to do parallel 3 sets of 2 140w 7.8A 24v panels.

Series 2, 140w, 7.8A, 24v = 280W, 7.8A, 50v

Having 3 in parallel gets to, 840w, ~24A, 50V

The APP port on the goal yeti 6000 is 600W, 50V, 50A.

My thinking is that its above 600w, but i dont expect my panels to operate 100% where i am. Since its below 50A and at 50V, i shudnt have an issue. Will my goal yet work fine even if the panels start generating above 600w? Will this work and be safe?

Alternatively i can run another set of 150W into the other ports. But id like to see what i can get for that high power port.


  • pat1498
    pat1498 Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

    In parallel, the voltage will not increase, the amps will. So with 3, you'd be at max of ~24A and the max voltage for 2 of your panels in seriall, whatever that amount is.

    Did you try this out? Did it work? I'm considering the same thing, because my 2 330W panels (in parallel) aren't ever providing more than 500W, and I'd rather sit the max 600 all the time, or the battery will slowly die.