Research. Anyone know if the x1500 is compatible with lensun flexible solar panels?



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    Hi @GoodWolf1

    Here is the checklist we use for using third party solar panels with our Yeti Power Stations:

    1. Make sure the voltage does not exceed what is listed next to the input on the Yeti. If you have a Yeti 1000 Lithium it will say "do not exceed 22v" If you have the 1000X it will say "do not exceed 50v". When looking for this spec on the panel you will want to look for the VOC.
    2. The third party panel must also be rated above 14v for the Yeti to recognize the panel.
    3. Make sure to bypass the charge controller if the panel has one. The Yetis have charge controllers built in.
    4. Find out what cable type is coming off the panel. Typically you will see MC4. If that is what your panel has you will need an MC4 to HPP cable.