Sherpa 100 not working?

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Several years ago I was given a new Sherpa 100. I fully charged it, but it was never used. Several times a year I charged it, but it was never "dead". Now I would like to use it. I charged it up again, and the little battery indicator showed that it was charged, but it didn't hold the charge and is now dead. I plugged the charger in again, and the indicator went right to full charge. The USB will only work if the charger is plugged in. There is no adapter for my Asus VivoBook so I don't know if the laptop part works, but the 12v and the laptop lights are flashing. My laptop won't charge with the C usb cable. I pushed the power button and it says that it is on, but it just went dead again after about 5 minutes. Is this whole unit toast, or is there hope for it,


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    Hi @Janiceccl,

    Please try the reset below.

    On the bottom of the Sherpa 100 there is a compartment labeled fuse. Remove the screw and it will expose the fuse. Disconnect everything from the Sherpa 100 and pull the fuse out. Let the fuse sit outside of the Sherpa for 5-10 minutes. After 5-10 minutes reinsert the fuse and attempt to charge it to full. Give it a couple of hours on the charger. This will reset the battery

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    By the time I got your answer(above), I had given up and opened the case to see if I could replace the batteries. What I found was the bottom of several batteries was corroded out, and tops fell apart trying to get the battery pack out. No amount of pulling the fuse and waiting would have helped. This was very disappointing because I got the unit to run my CPap machine and never even got to use it. I ordered a replacement Sherpa100AC and got an up graded one, however, there doesn't appear to be a way to plug in the 12v adapter to run the CPap. Another disappointment. The older version came with color coded cords and seemed simple to use. The new one is confusing and ends up charging from my laptop, instead of the laptop charging from it. Disappointment number three. Now I am looking at the Yeti200X and wondering if I would be disappointed with it too. I would have ordered it instead of the sherpa100ac but didn't see it on your site at the time. I admit I wasn't really looking for a different model. My old unit came with a Nomad 20 solar charger. Can that be used on the Sherpa100ac or Yeti200x or would I need to replace that too. This is getting to be an expensive project just to run the stupid CPap on a 12 day camping trip.

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    I'm having a similar issue. I have a Sherpa 100AC, seldom used, but was able to charge it and use it in the past. Now it won't charge via AC or solar. I also used it for camping with a CPAP. I don't see a compartment for a fuse. I've tried the "reset" instructions, but nothing. Help?