What Solar Configuration is required to fully charge 7800WH in 6hrs

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I have a Yeti 3000x and 4800WH (4x tanks). The system is off-grid and is my main source of power. I have a Victron charge controller 100/30.

I would like to daily recharge the system with about 3500WH. What solar configuration would allow me to achieve this?

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    Hi @Zee,

    You will need to buy a larger Victron charge controller. The one you own maxes out at 440W, which is around 2640W in a day of sun. If you want to do 7800Wh a day, you will need a charge controller that outputs a minimum of 1300W. If you would like to input 3500Wh you will need at least 600W.


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    Thank you very much.

    A big charge controller will solve this problem. I was thinking of keeping my current charge controller and use it with 4 x boulder 100, to get to charge my tank with 2640W a day, this will not fully charge it but it will be at least 50% charge. I have another 2 x boulder 100, I was thinking of connecting these directly to the YETI 3000 and charge the yet directly during the day and use that power for the day. In the evening I will then use the tank. I hope this approach makes sense ?