Putting my yeti 6000x in a weather proof enclosure, bad idea?

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I have a yeti 6000x that I need to have outside near the solar panels. It will be on a covered porch so it would not get too wet leaving it out. But I want to put it in a weatherproof container. I would prefer a container not much bigger than the yeti. Do I need to worry about air circulation? If so, would drilling a few air vents in the container be adequate?


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    Make sure the fans on the Yeti have about 3-6 inches of breathing room. I would recommend always having the Yeti in the weatherproof container if you are going to be leaving it outside. If any water gets into the ports it might cause damage to the unit.

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    What is a weatherproof container that is suitable for this application? I'm thinking of either a heavy duty plastic marine dock box or a deck box used for garbage pails, for example. Is there a Yeti unit that will support a 3/4 HP sump pump pulling 3000 watts on startup surge and 2000 watts running power?

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    The 1500X, 3000X and 6000X have 2000W inverters with 3500W surge.

    This information can be found on the spec section of each product page.