Firmware update hang / Yeti 3000 (older version, not X) / 1.7.6 to 1.8.6 incomplete

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I attempted to update firmware from the app, it got about 43% done, then I noticed later it said update incomplete. It automatically retries every two hours.

it has yeti link and is plugged in to power. How can I successfully update, or prevent it from trying/reset?


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    Hi @Diplonaut2,

    If you have not done so, remove the link from the Yeti to see if this will allow the Yeti to complete the update. If this works, then it means that the Yeti link is having a hard time updating and is preventing the Yeti itself from updating.

  • Diplonaut2
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    I removed the link from the Yeti, and opened the app. It told me that the update had failed, and I clicked "try now". There was no further indication of what status it was at, or whether it had succeeded or failed. That said, the unit has listed firmware 1.8.6 the entire time of this issue, and continues to do so.

    Some hours later, I just now reconnected the link. It immediately began beeping in the same way as during the attempted firmware update, and errored out five minutes later, same as prior.

  • Diplonaut2
    Diplonaut2 Member Posts: 4 ✭✭

    the Yeti info on the app says the firmware is both 1.8.6 and yet as soon as I attach the Link, it alerts that it failed to update to 1.8.6, and will try again in two hours. This cycle has been repeating for days. How do I tell it not to attempt to update, or reset it?