Connecting Boulder 200 Panels to an Inverter in an FJ80

FJ80JadeyLady Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

I'm a huge fan and long time supporter of multiple GoalZero devices that I routinely use camping and overlanding.

I have an FJ80 Land Cruiser that has an onboard inverter with a secondary battery to help power devices while offgrid. While I've used both by Boulder 200 and Yeti 500X to supplement power individually, I've never connected the panels to the inverter and I'm wondering if anyone has experience doing so.

The inverter typically runs out of power within 24hrs without restarting the truck to recharge, and I'd like to supplement the power charge of the inverter with the panels if possible.

Curious to see if anyone in the community has done so and whether anyone can offer any guidance.


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