How does the Link Module Firmware determine charging amperage?

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I use a 1500x with a Link Module in my campervan. I charge it from the van's 150 amp ("non-smart") alternator. I use the 12ft EC8 extension cable with the male EC8 to ring terminal cable so the total run from the vehicle battery to the Yeti is about 13 1/2 ft.

The charging profile always starts out at 60 amps very briefly and then tapers off settling in the 20-30 amp range. I'm using the latest Link firmware (v1.8.4.)

Exactly how does the firmware determine the charging amperage? Does it factor in the output of the alternator? Does the length and gauge of the cable affect the maximum amperage? (In other words, would a shorter and/or larger gauge cable result in faster charging?)

How does one achieve the stated "maximum charging rate"?


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    To reach the max watts limit here are some things that will help:

    • Use short cables
    • Clean connectors
    • Yeti must be below 70% SoC
    • If the Yeti is too hot, charge speeds are throttled. Keep it cool.

    Some Alternators put out more power when driving down the road.


    Max Input from Yeti Tank to:

    • Yeti 1000X: 454-605W
    • Yeti 1400/1500X: 454-750W
    • Yeti 3000/3000X: 750W
    • Yeti 6000X: 750W

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    I'm not getting any input on my Yeti1500x with the integration kit. It had been working find and has stopped. I checked to make sure I was in vehicle mode and have confirmed the truck battery and alternator are working. all green lights are on. but I get now reading. What should I be checking? is there an issue with the tank being charged before it can charge the battery? I'm at a loss please help....

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