Link Battery Module not working


So I have an off grid cabin used from April to October only , I have a Yet 1400 with the Link module attached to 4 6V 220ah lead acid batteries .I have 600 watts of roof panels with excellent south facing exposure . My main power use is a 12 V hi efficiency fridge , some tactical nite lights , and 2 fans for hot nites . Occasional usage for low amp power tools , table saw , mitre saw etc ........The Yeti and Link get 100 % charged during the day time , but at night the link dashboard shows 25 % within a few hours and by morning the Yeti is down to 60% , yet when I check the batteries with my volt meter they are virtually fully charged.................? the 6v batteries should run this whole system without the Yeti ? Somehow the link is not integrating , despite several resets and reconnections ??? what am I missing ??


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    Hello. I am having the exact same problem. I have a Yeti 3000 and by morning my Yeti is at 79%. The Tanks are fully charged and yet power is not being transferred. I assume (bad idea) that the YetiLink is not working. I was just about to buy a new YetiLink to see if that is the problem.

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    Hi @westcoastyeti1400,

    How do you have the 6V batteries chained? Are they chained in parallel or in series? The Yeti link will not work with a 6V system. It requires a 12V system in order for it to function properly. If you do not have them chained into a 12V system, I would suggest doing so. If you don't, this may be what is causing the incorrect information on the Yeti link.