1500x: What is the normal discharge rate while sitting?

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How quickly should a 1500x lose charge after it's been fully charged up? It's been going down at around 1%/day.



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    Depends on what is happening with the Yeti.

    Even if you are not using the Inverter, just having the AC port turned on will consume about 8W continuously.

    Same goes for the 12V, and USB ports but they use fewer watts. Also Wifi and BT and just having the display lit will consume some power too.

    If the yeti is getting hot, it may turn on the fans to try and keep it cool which will consume some power.

    If your yeti is in a cool room with none of those things on and you are still seeing a 1% drop per day I would contact customer support.

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    Thanks very much for the info! Will be contacting customer support.

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    Just wondering if you ever got this problem fixed. I know it's an old post but I just got my 1500x about a week ago and am having the same 1% discharge per day. Called customer support. They had me do a hard and soft reboot. After that It seems to be discharging at about 1% every day and a half which still seems too fast. Was going to give it a couple more days and then give customer service another call but just wondering what you might have done to fix it