Problem Charging Yeti from Foldable Nomad 100W Panel

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Yeti 1400W stopped acknowledging solar input Via the 8mm Connector from Nomad 100w Foldable panel .Could not get a reading using a Multi meter so bought a new connector MC4 to 8mm. Getting a reading with multi meter of 19.6 V but nothing registers as input and no charge occurs. The Yeti does accept AC charge. Please help.


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    Hi @Jill,

    Could you send pictures of your set up? The MC4 to 8mm is very unusual to use with the Nomad 100. The Nomad 100 comes with an 8mm connection already attached, so it should plug right into the Yeti 1400.

    Are you located anywhere near wild fires? During fire season, we get a lot of reports that panels do not produce very much power or any power at all. This is due to the smoke that is high in the atmosphere that is not visible to our eyes. Even though it may look like a sunny day, the rays that panels need to produce power are not actually coming through.

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    Thanks for responding. Yes the Nomad has an 8mm connector that pairs with the yeti 1400W. However for some reason it is no longer delivering any voltage. The blue light is on at the Solar panel and I took apart the connector compartment. There is Voltage Inputting into the 8mm connector wires but no voltage coming out of the connection that attaches to the Yeti. I could not see any obvious breaks however I assumed something was wrong with wire as there is no Voltage reading at the 8mm to Yeti. I bought this connector that said it was compatible with the Yeti,

    MJPOWER MC-4 to 8mm Adapter Extension Cable 10FT Compatible Solar Panel and Portable Power Station Solar Generator Fit Goal Zero Yeti/Jackery/Anker/BLUETTI EB3A/EB70/EB70S Power Station Renogy Panels

    Brand: MJPOWER

    Big picture shows the set up in full sunlight.

    Wire connectors show the new MC4 to 8mm connectors to the side is the existing, not working original 8mm connector.

    Yeti connectors shows the new MC4 to 8mm connectors in the Yeti. No Blue light no charging showing. I also tried plugging it in under the lid, same no charging. There are MC4 Connectors on the Nomad panel as well as the non working 8mm connector.. They had Voltage coming to them from the panel which is why I choose the MC4 to 8mm Connectors. Do you have any ideas why this is not charging? I have pressed the reset buttons on the Yeti and still no connection. Any help/ideas appreciated.


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    If you are able to charge the 1400 using the same power but with an AC power supply this points to the solar conditions, solar panel or cord as main issue sources.

    Like the GZ Admin stated, poor solar conditions are not hard to find. Do some searching on this forum for "haze", "smoke" or "grass" to see many comments from me on things I have told others to try. I would also get a damp rag and wipe off the dust from your nomad. Its surprising how little things can slow or stop solar panels.