I am new to Goal Zero and have a question about protective boxes.

I need to charge (using the Goal Zero 12v charger) my new 500x in my truck bed. I don't have a camper shell and want to protect the unit from dust and rain. Any tips on boxes? Would it get too hot in a cooler?


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    Basically we use our Yeti 3000x for up to 20 nights of camping during the months of June, July, Aug. We have the Ranger 400 charging panels during the summer and top off the battery between trips. This means the battery sits unused for 8 plus months. What is the best way to maintain the battery when not in use? Last winter, we kept it inside and plugged in. Should I also run the battery on some schedule to drain it down to 30% or so, then recharge fully?

    I have an additional question: I am worried that my GZ 3000 no longer has 3000 watt capacity. When I put it away the last time, I did recharge it to 100%. I then plugged in a drop lamp so it drained the battery to 0%. The total use during this process was only 2432 watts. I had other indications over the summer that the actual capacity of the battery was less than 2500 watts. Any thoughts?

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