Charging both a 3000X and Expansion Tanks concurrently

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Can I do the following:

Plug a 600 watt charger into the 3000x HPP port to charge the 3000x, AND concurrently,

Plug a 120 watt charger into the Expansion Link module to charge the Tanks

OR, can I only charge both 3000x and Tanks concurrently via the slow Link Module approach.

Thank you for the response.

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    Hi @MendoMan,

    You can charge the Yeti 3000X using the 600W power supply at the same time you are charging the tanks via the 120W power supply. Since you are using two separate components (charge controller on the Yeti and Yeti link) this will not effect each other.

    The Yeti 3000X is always first to charge when charging via the Link. Once the Yeti 3000X is full, the tanks will charge. Since the tanks act as a backup to the Yeti, the Yeti always takes priority.


  • MendoMan
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    Another question re: charging concurrently tanks and 3000x:

    I have 2 tanks and 3000x discharged down to 10% (custom profile) so the inverter shut off. Now, I want to recharge. So, I plugged the 120 watt charging block into the 8mm port on the Expansion Link module and now the 3000x is charging, but not the tanks. I thought the tanks would charge first in this configuration and then the 3000x, not the other way around. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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    Another charging scenario - is it OK to interrupt charging of the tanks via the Link Module (120 watt charger) for several hours and then startup charging again? Just trying to determine best practices for lead-acid battery maintenance. The reason I would interrupt charging is to prevent charging during peak demand (and thus higher rates) which is between 3 pm and midnight. I have installed a timer which cuts power to the charger during these peak hours. Also, is it best to, in general, keep these lead acid batteries charged up (to 85% presumably, using the Battery Saver profile). Thanks.