Chaining a GZ Extreme 350 to SLA batteries

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I have an Extreme 350 that I have refurbished with a new 12v 33ah battery, and I want to chain it to 2 other 12 33ah SLA batteries in parallel, and be able to use the Extreme UI inverter attached to my 350.

How is this accomplished, since in creating parallel batteries, the power draws from the positive terminal of the first battery in line, and the negative terminal of the last battery in line?

The inverter is attached to the terminals of the first battery....


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    Hi @RGF,

    When two batteries are chained in parallel, the act as one larger battery. This means that the two batteries will increase and decrease in energy together. As long as the external battery is chained to the other chaining port, the inverter will be able to use power from both batteries at once.