Is it possible to use an automatic transfer switch with Yeti home backup battery system?

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I am considering a home battery backup generator system instead of a fossil fuel generator? Can say the 6000x with a home integration kit be tied to my main panel with an auto transfer switch?


    GOAL ZERO ADMIN Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 647 admin

    Hi @Genup,

    You can do this but you will need to have the AC inverter of the Yeti running at all times. You will need to check to make sure the inverter is on every 30 hours or so. The AC inverter on any of our large power stations shut off after 30 hours or so. If the inverter is off, you will need to turn it on again.

  • Meg_2023
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    Check out the Yeti PRO 4000. We have the Haven 10 and a 3600W passthrough cable attached to the PRO 4000. We had the Yeti running for nearly 3 weeks while away with automatic power switching ready for the circuits we wanted to back up (the AC inverter was on the whole time). There were no power outages, so it didn’t need to switch to the Yeti battery during a grid power loss or go back to the grid when power came back up. But it was on the whole time (well beyond 30 hours), passing watts through to our specified home circuits.