How to ground a Yeti 1500X?

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I originally bought my Yeti for camping and it has served me well. Recently, the wife and I bought a new house. I am trying to use my 1500X in a shed that is internally wired, but not wired to the house. It's about 150' away from the house so I figured I could use the Yeti vs getting someone to bury 200+ feet of wire to the main breaker panel. I have a Ranger 300 on the roof of the shed, and hardwired a plug into the internal wiring that I can directly plug into the 120V out of the Yeti. I am only powering some LED lights and occasionally a couple of battery chargers for tools. Again, it is working fine powering lights at night periodically and charging up during the day from the solar panels. I have been using Philips Hue floodlights, which I can control withe either the Hue app, a Hue motion sensor, and/or through some smart home rules on my Hubitat Hub. Again, this works fine. I wanted a bit more light so I figured I could swapped out the Hue floodlights for brighter LED bulbs and use a smart switch outlet ( to control them. The smart switch didn't work. I had already setup the smart switch to the Hubitat inside the house so I know it's not the switch. When I plugged in my electrical tester, it shows no ground. So I am thinking the switch needs a ground to work.

What is the best [safe] way to get this to work. I can think of a couple of ways, but not sure of the "right" way.

1- Attach all grounds in the shed to a ground rod outside the shed.

2- I read somewhere that the GZ has a grounding terminal on the bottom that I thought I could run to a ground rod.

3- Again, read somewhere something about a GFCI extension cord, but that doesn't make sense to me. I would think it still needs a ground?

4- Something other way that I have not thought of yet.

Anyone with ideas? Is this setup even a good idea? Will it cause premature failure of the 1500X? This will in no means be a permanent solution, I eventually will run electric from the main breaker panel to the shed, I just figured this might be a interim solution.