Yeti 1250 - Power not staying on


Hey Team

I've had my Yeti 1250 since 2012. I love it and have always cared for it.

Recently it has had issues staying on, so I assumed that the battery finally gave up the ghost.

It would only stay on when plugged into the wall. The battery reads 11.33 volts.

Even when I plugged it into the wall it seemed like I would have to push and hold the power button or push it over and over for it to stay on.

So I ordered a replacement battery. I swapped it out and new battery reads 12.96 volts.

Still won't stay on or the power is finicky. When I plugged it into the brand new charger ( I also purchased a new 500 Lithium) it would come on and then power off and repeat this cycle.

If I can get it to turn on when the power is applied, it will stay on for at least a while.

Any guesses as to what is malfunctioning?

Any thoughts on if my original battery is indeed bad? 11.33 is low but not that bad.