Can I use the two HPP of my Yeti 1500x simultaneosly?

  • I want to connect 4 diesel heaters (from 5KW to 8KW, 12V)... the specs of the yeti 1500x says: 2x High Power Port: 360W Max (12V, up to 30A), regulated; Front face & under lid 

Do you think if I use 2 diesel heaters in the front port and 2 diesel heaters under lid could work?


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    Hi @JohnJimenez,

    The High Power port share the 30A limit. Meaning that through one or both of them, you can only output a max of 30A at 12V. If you were to run all 4 heaters at once, it would exceed the output max and shut the 12V port off. You may be able to use 3 if the start up amps do not exceed 10A each.