Yeti 1500 turns off in standby mode

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Just got new Yeti 1500 a couple of weeks ago and left it on fully charged like it says in the manual. The screen is lit up, showing the battery charge, etc. The unit is not connected to anything. After every few days the unit seems to shut off with screen going dark. Unplugging and plugging back resolves the problem and although after plugging back the battery shows 100%, it also shows that unit is being charged for a short while (which to me means the unit was really off). That's not a normal behavior, right?

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    Hi @vah,

    This is normal. If the battery is full and is not doing anything the display will shut off. This doesn't truly shut the unit off as there is no on/off button. It just shuts off the display. You can turn the display on and off with the light button as well.