Yeti Pro 4000 Resets and Troubleshooting Tips

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  • Reset 1 Power Cycling: Disconnect all input power sources including any Yeti Tanks.
    • The Yeti will not fully power cycle if there are any input power sources. Ensure there are no inputs connected to the following ports:
      • Press the main power switch (the button is in the OFF position if not depressed)
      • Wait 30 seconds. Turn the power button back on and reconnect
  • Firmware Update: If you ever have the unit attempt to update and fails, please ensure it is reconnected properly and the WIFI network it is connected to is a 2.4Ghz network not powered by the Yeti. After that, push and hold the PAIR button down for 10 seconds. You will hear it beep twice in this duration. After the second beep, let go and it will force a reattempt on the update.
  • Reset 3 Factory Reset: The last resort to resolve issues related to inputs, outputs, or the UI/Display; this will wipe out any settings, saved states, paired devices from the Yeti unit's memory, and restore default settings essentially reverting the Yeti unit to its pre-used state. The firmware version will remain what it was at the time of initiating the factory reset. This can be done in the Settings Menu located on the Yeti itself and can also be done in the App.
  • Reset 2 Soft or PV Reset: While the Yeti unit is on, hold down the PAIR button on the back unit and the LIGHT button on the display simultaneously for ~ 3 seconds. You should see the display lights/segments blip off and then back on as confirmation that the Internal Reset was successful.
  • Reset Tank Address: Hold down the Function button on the back of the Tank Unit(s) you wish to perform the address reset on while the Tank unit is switched into the ON position. This will essentially clear and restart the communication between the Tank and the Yeti units. This should be done when:
    • The Tank units appear to not be equalizing or balancing their state of charge to match the Yeti units.
    • The Tank units appear to not be matching the state of charge of the Yeti units during charges/discharges.
    • The Yeti unit/Goal Zero app do not show any indications of a Tank after a Tank has been connected and turned on.
    • The Tank units do not appear to have updated with the Yeti unit during a firmware update.
    • Hold Settings/Gear button for about 10 seconds (until you hear it beep)
  • Check AC Breakers: For issues relating to not being able to charge or discharge from the AC input/output, check the breaker buttons on the back of the Yeti unit. If they are protruding, then the breakers have tripped from exceeding the max power/current limit of the AC inverter. This could be indicative of a deeper-rooted issue with the system if this happens with applications that should be within specification; further investigation will be needed if the breakers trip multiple times.


  • 101_Thompson
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    I have a new Yeti Pro 4000 and it beeps annoyingly when power off if it has a power supply plugged in. Does it need to be left on all of the time?

  • 101_Thompson
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    me again - New Yeti Pro 400 with 1200 watts of solar power plugged in and in full sun. I am getting only about 30w of Charging……. I have checked all the plugs and panels in full sun but only getting a tiny fraction of charging from the system. I have tried reseting and pulling the power to no avail. Any clues? Thanks TT

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    Hi @101_Thompson,

    Are you seeing an error code when the unit beeps? The unit should not be beeping when power off but still on the power supply. Does the beep happen more than once?

    Could you give us more information on the set up with the solar panels? What solar panels are you using? What cables? Are you chaining them in series or in parallel?