Yeti Pro 4000 / Alternator Charging

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hi folks,

New here, and looking at whether it's worth the effort to hook up 8mm to alternator (12v) on 2024 sprinter? Have read other reports that the yeti integration link used in conjunction w/ other power stations were limited on wattage to charge due to newer vehicles having smart alternators which throttle output. Last report I saw from GZ was that a firmware update was in progress, but am unsure whether this was deployed on the 4000 Pro, or if it will be a similar problem. Another thing I've seen others do is use a 12v dc/dc to increase output, but I figured I'd ask on this platform before going down another rabbit hole.

Thanks in advance


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    If you are going with a 4000 pro in your sprinter check out the drivable kit. The Yeti Link is not needed for this set up. The idea with the drivable kit is to use the HPP to flying leads to hook to the starter battery or alternator. While you are driving you will be charging the Yeti. The flying leads to 8mm would be used for a solar set up on the roof.

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    Also wondering about ability to charge the 4000 pro from Solar panels as well as charge the unit from the Sprinter's alternator ; and the actual charging time through the 'Drivable Kit'. Will it do both functions once set up in the van? Seems obvious but does it work ?- Tx!

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    I think you're going to want the 3x HPP parallel combiner - that allows charging from 3 sources (I'm going to be installing it later this month with roof solar, ground deploy solar, and alternator charging). It has a "priority" input - which is the shortest cable input on it - this should be used with the alternator input (per the recommendation from the tech at goal zero). This will prioritize this one when driving, and not use the solar panels (as they'll be coming in at different voltages, I don't think they can use both). I'll let you know how it goes once I get it all installed.

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    So I have my sprinter van I’m also trying to install my yeti pro 4000 and have it charged on the alternator while I’m driving for long periods of time. I also have Solar on the roof and I have it connected to where when I hit shore power it will charge my goal is to have it charged from the alternator has anyone done this I purchased the 3x HPP splitter I was just wondering if somebody did it yet and if they did where did they fetch the power from did they go into the seat that large lug or did they go right off the battery inside of the black box where there are extra contacts and did they use a isolation relay due to the fact that this wire would be constantly hot from the battery .

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    I have an Adventure Wagon kit. Look up their newest wiring video online. It will show you how to attach to the lug underneath the seat. From there, I used a BlueSea circuit breaker to bridge the GoalZero and van wiring.